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Making the Clyde
The extent and process of widening and deepening explained. Dredging the Clyde to keep Glasgows ports open to the ocean.

Running time: 2 : 29


Glasgow Made the Clyde

Forty Kilometres (26 miles) from the sea, Glasgow put a massive effort in to widening and deepening its River. This work over 150 years made Glasgow a great maritime city, brought the Atlantic Ocean to the coalfields of Glasgow’s hinterland and shipbuilding close to the iron and steel foundries.

Changes in world shipping, the end of the British Empire and patterns of world trade meant that even the widened and deepened River declined as a port. The city turned its back on the sea but opened its eyes to the river that split its centre.

...River Traffic

River Traffic - Sea-going vessels come up the river right to the heart of the City at the George V Bridge and small coasting vessels pass right through from the western to the eastern limits of the inner ring road. The materials brought by those steamers are uplifted from Broomielaw and Clyde Street on the north, and from Clyde Place on the south, and thus heavy traffic is occasioned along those parts of the inner core.

First Planning Report, 1945, Replanning the City, Page 43.

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