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More cult of the bulldozer and even more 1970s downbeat commentary. Planner’s Approach drags us round the Glasgow at end of the era of Comprehensive Development Areas - the CDAs.
Remarkable for its upbeat assessment of Hutchesontown CDA.
Compare Planner’s Approach to If Only we Had The Space which was already advocating refurbishment of tenements and citizen participation in redevelopment of old neighbourhoods.

The Planner's Approach

  • Date: 1968*
  • Director: unknown
  • Ref No: 4196
  • Genre: documentary educational
  • Film For Hire: No
  • Video For Sale: No
  • Sound: sound
  • Running Time: 18.04 mins
  • Fiction: unknown
  • Colour: bw
  • Original Format: 16mm
  • Sponsor: unknown
  • Production Company: [p.c. Audio-Visual Dept, Jordanhill College of Education (?)] Additional Information: Documentary on city planning and the development areas in Glasgow around 1970. Includes demolition of Charing Cross as new ring road is built. Production material for programmes produced on film by Jordanhill College.

The Planner's Approach


Bulldozer clearing demolition site of old tenements in the townhead are of Glasgow. Gvs foundations being prepared for new housing in the Gorbals Portugal Street area. Gvs new housing schemes at Hutchison town, Gorbals, children in scheme play area, brief shot shopping centre. Shot of people (in dress very redolent of the period!) crossing the Clyde suspension footbridge connecting Clyde Street and Calton Place. Interview (on the bank of the Clyde at Calton Place) with Mr Jarvis, a Glasgow architect, concerning the renovated Calton Place tenement building and plans for redevelopment of the Clyde riverside area. We are shown his proposed plans for the disused area of St. Enoch Station and Hotel (10.59) -blank- (11.15) int. and ext. Queen Street station, shot of traffic, shop fronts and pedestrians on Buchanan Street (12.09) several shots of the gigantic demolition area at Charing Cross, as the new ring road is being built. Shot of the new roads heading down to the Kingston bridge (13.42) construction of new factory on old railway land at Springburn (14.44) shots of industrial estate at Dixon’s Blazes, forklift truck moves palettes from lorry. Shots at a container terminal, large containers are lifted from lorry onto train by crane (17.07) gvs Glasgow Green (18.04)

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