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Another of the Corporation of Glasgow’s Civics series - like Our Homes, Our Health Services and How Our City is Governed - celebrates the legacy of the open spaces in Public Parks in industrial Glasgow.

Our Public Parks

  • Date: 1946
  • Director: unknown
  • Ref No: 0268
  • Genre: sponsored
  • Film For Hire: No
  • Video For Sale: No
  • Sound: sound
  • Running Time: 11 mins
  • Fiction: Non-Fiction
  • Colour: bw
  • Original Format: 35mm
  • Sponsor: sp. Glasgow Corporation Housing Department
  • Production Company: p.c. Thames and Clyde


  • production supervised by Stanley L Russell
    • ph. Frank McLachlan
    • ass. by Robert Anderson
    • comm. Peter Watson
    • technical adviser Ronald Bradbury

Additional Information: A survey of Municipal Housing Activity in Glasgow. New council housing at Knightswood, Cranhill, Pollock and Tollcross.

See also ref. 0922 *PROGRESS REPORT NO. 2. *

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Scottish Screen can clear copyright on this title. Contact the Archive to find out more.

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Our Public Parks


Credits (.22); The story of your playgrounds and open spaces. Shot of people walking and sitting in a park (.34); Our 48 public parks bring the country to the city. Shots of name boards of various city parks (.47); Tram in street, children get off, cross the road and enter Kelvingrove Park [shots of tram crossing in front of picture and university buildings in the background] (1.04); Shots of children at play (1.55); Women feed ducks and pigeons (2.33); Much of industrial Glasgow is ugly and drab. Shots of cat sitting on a windowsill in a dirty back court, shots of children, general slum areas. Back view of rows of houses and tenements as seen from a suburban train (3.24); Our public parks bring beauty to the city. Interior of the Kibble Palace in Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens. Children at the goldfish pond (4.01); Shots in Kelvingrove Park and the path down to the River Kelvin (4.40); Shots of various parks - wooded areas, gardens, flower beds, arbour, pond, tennis courts, waterfall, bridge, and gardeners at work on flower beds tying up the blooms (6.48); City workers require fresh air and exercise. Shots of workers coming out of factory gates, one on a bicycle (6.54); Shot through a shop window of a girl working a laundry trouser press (7.02); children playing on tenement streets, brief shots of cobblers(7.21) Our public parks bring health to the city. Children playing on swings, roundabout and chute (8.07); Men and boys sailing model yachts, man practising golf swing (8.38); Tennis courts in Kelvingrove Park with shots of the university and art gallery in the background. People on bowling greens and shots of spectators (9.06); Putting. Children in pleasure boats (10.06); People in the grounds of Loch Lomond Park (10.22); Our public parks bring entertainment to the city. Pavilion in Kelvingrove Park. Shots of music and variety acts, crowds, and stage (10.52); Children enjoying donkey rides and watching Punch and Judy show (11.32); Caption urging the public not to damage property in the parks. Shots of broken branches, broken glass in the grass, wooden fences being mended, replacing panes of glass in hot house roof (12.44); Take a pride in your parks. General shots of parks (13.25).

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