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One of the Glasgow Civics Series like Our Homes, Our Public Parks, Our Health Services.
This time it is a fairly straight run down of how the electoral process works in selecting a council.

How Our City is Governed

  • Date: 1949
  • Director: [d. Willie J. McLean]
  • Ref No: 0315
  • Genre: educational
  • Film For Hire: No
  • Video For Sale: No
  • Sound: silent
  • Running Time: 12 mins
  • Fiction: Non-Fiction
  • Colour: bw
  • Original Format: 16mm Sponsor: sp. Glasgow Corporation Education Committee Production Company: p.c. Campbell Harper Films Ltd.

This title has been transferred to broadcast standard video master. Contact the Archive to find out more.

Scottish Screen can clear copyright on this title. Contact the Archive to find out more.

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How Our City...


Credits (.10) Glasgow is divided into a number of wards or electoral districts. Map of division of the city into wards (.24); Three Councillors are elected to represent each ward in the Corporation. Diagram of the structure of representation (.38); The Councillors elect a Lord Provost who holds office for three years. Diagram illustrating the turn over of same (1.01); Election takes place annually to fill vacancies in the Corporation. Shot of a youth delivering election pamphlets, posters on railings. Couple leave their house and get into car provided by the candidate to drive them to polling booths. Outside a local school, the canvassers group around the entrance (2.08); Inside polling station, people voting, register is closed and ballot box is tied and sealed (3.40); shots outside the Kelvin Hall, trams passing in front (3.44) Inside the hall, counting is taking place, shots of the counters, officials and Provost, who announces results (4.56) At the next meeting of the Corporation, the new councillors take their places for the first time. Shots of people inside the City Chambers (5.55) Inside the Council Chambers, the meeting is about to begin. Shots of councillors and city officials at the head of the table (6.51); The meeting is opened with a prayer. Lord Provost begins the election of office holders (7.20); Where there is more than one nominee for any post a vote is taken by a show of hands. Hands counted and the result is announced. Newly elected members sworn in. Provost confers chain of office on the baillies and magistrates (8.51); The Corporation next appoint Committees to deal with the many different activities of a great city. Shot from a page of the Council register of meetings. Highways and Planning Committee is taken as an example (9.22) The Committee in session. (10.36) Shots of the Corporation’s workforce re-surfacing a road. Steam roller and tarmac. Councillor watches the progress and chats to his constituents (11.37); ecs (11.43)

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