Best Laid Schemes :: In the Single End

This is a story from our city.

Glasgow. The biggest city in Scotland, a country on the eastern edge of the North Atlantic.

Glasgow may be like your city. All over the world people crowd into cities to survive, to work, to live. In cities all over the world people make their homes, people build their futures.

Glasgow grew fast, Glasgow grew overcrowded. In 1945 we planned to fix things. This plan, the Bruce Plan, planned to knock Glasgow down and start again.

Did we need to? Why did we want to? What did we do? When the dust settled, what were we left with?


Best Laid Schemes lets you watch full films from the Scottish Screen Archive online, on demand. You can see important, striking, powerful films from six decades of Scottish cinema.


Best Laid Schemes uses the incredible Bruce Plan to build an incredible city, to tell an incredible story. You choose film clips. You watch the evidence - then make your mind up.


Before entering the city you can find out more about the Bruce Plan, about Glasgow and about Scotland with text, images and clips that put you in the picture.